US Citizenship Immigration Services

US Border ImmigrationWe assist and advise individuals with all types of issues surrounding acquisition or renunciation of US Citizenship. Generally, there would be two main avenues to becoming a US Citizen: (1) Obtaining US Citizenship by Birth (either born in the US or born to US citizen parent(s) abroad); or (2) Obtaining US Citizenship through Naturalization. Further, there are situations which would lead a dual national of the US and a foreign country to renounce their US Citizenship, which would require an in-person appointment at a US Consulate / Embassy.

Types of US Citizenship Applications

Depending on the type of Citizenship application service you are pursuing, your application may involve the US Department of State and/or United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”). We represent and advise clients with the following types of US Citizenship services:

Tax Advice related to becoming a US Citizen or Renouncing US Citizenship

Whether seeking to become a US Citizen, or planning to renounce your US Citizenship, it is highly advisable to speak with an accountant who is licensed both in your home country and the US, for advice related to the tax implications of your decision. For clients based in Canada, we highly recommend the services of Julia Leghorn, a Partner at Allegro Tax and Accounting Group, LLP. For further information, please see her website at: